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Greens: Findings on the NDIS rollout by Citizens Jury must be considered moving forward

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has welcomed the launch of the Citizen’s Jury Scorecard which assessed the rollouts of the NDIS trials across the country from the perspective of people with disability accessing the service.

“This sort of initiative that enables assessment of the NDIS rollouts by gathering evidence from participants is an excellent way to establish gaps before the completed rollout.

“Today’s live-streamed question and answer session on the verdict involving jurors, witness and NDIS participants created clarity around findings made by the jury.

“There’s a number of things that were learnt throughout the process and I urge the Government to ensure that recommendations are considered when implementing NDIS into the future.

“The Q&A today revealed that people from CALD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds need to be more included in the assessment processes leading up to the rollout.

“There must also be an increased effort to give people with disability who are less assertive a voice. It is worrying to think that people with disability and low confidence perhaps aren’t seeking the help they are entitled to.

“One example of evidence that will help improve the rollout is that people with disability want a single planner and meetings must be remodelled to maximise outcomes. NDIS is about giving people with disability control over their own futures so it is good these processes are being assessed and streamlined with appropriate recommendations.

“There are comprehensive recommendations broken into eight themes that the Government must consider. I will pursuing these recommendations with the Government to ensure they are considered.

“I congratulate PWDA and the NDIA for developing this concept that helps empower people with disability accessing the services under the NDIS, their contribution will sculpt a better service moving forward”.

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