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Greens fight on two fronts to save Point Peron

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 14 May 2013

The WA Greens are fighting on two fronts to save Point Peron from ruin.

WA Senator Scott Ludlam today wrote to Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke urging him to stop the controversial plan to destroy Point Peron.

"The State approving the proposed marina before the strategic environmental assessment process was completed was a disgraceful breach of trust, but the scheme can't go ahead without Federal approval.

"The land at Point Peron was transferred from the Commonwealth to the State on the strict condition that it be used only as a reserve for recreation and/or parkland. The plan to destroy this natural environment to build a private marina development violates that 1964 agreement and Minister Burke must intervene," he said. "I will also be moving a motion in the Senate this week calling on the Commonwealth to ensure the State Government honours this agreement."

Member for South Metropolitan Region Lynn MacLaren MLC will move a motion in State Parliament today calling on the Barnett Government to adhere to the Point Peron land transfer agreement; extend the appeal period; and note the mass opposition to the marina plan.

"This is public land reserved for use as parkland being sold off for commercial gain: it's WA Inc. revisited.

"More than eight thousand people have petitioned the Parliament to stop the marina scheme - I will table that petition this week.

"The time period given to appeal the decision of the Environment Protection Authority to approve this reckless, destructive plan was far too short - for real public consultation people need enough time to appeal, not a perfunctory 14 days. The process has been flawed, reliant on the proponent's research, and lacking independent analysis."

Point Peron and Mangles Bay are amongst the top ten Western Australian sites rated ‘Too Precious To Lose' in the Greens' Greenways strategy -



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