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Greens call on Labor to support tampon tax bill this year

Media Release
Janet Rice 29 Apr 2018

The Greens today welcomed Labor’s announcement that they will remove the GST on menstrual hygiene products if they form government after the next election, but want Labor to join the Greens to achieve this reform as soon as possible.

“It’s great to finally see some commitment from Labor, after we’ve campaigned on this for years. This is another example of the Greens leading the policy agenda and Labor following,” said Senator Janet Rice, Greens spokesperson for women.

"The Greens sought to fix this issue last year by moving amendments to a GST bill before the Senate, but Labor and the Coalition voted it down.”

"I’ve drafted a bill to remove this unfair and discriminatory tax, and have already reached out to Labor asking them to work with us to pass it through parliament.”

"We’ve been taxed on our biology for long enough. This sexist and unfair tax needs to go now.”

"I’ve written to every state and territory treasurer about this, asking for their support.”

“If Labor work with us in the coming weeks we could see the GST removed from menstrual hygiene products once and for all.”

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