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Greens back Fund Our Future campaign for outer suburbs

The Australian Greens have thrown support behind a plan that ensures people living in the expanding outer suburbs of Australia’s capital cities have access to the same services of inner-city residents.

“Populations have exploded in the outer suburbs over the last decade, but there has been nowhere near the same growth in essential services for the residents of these suburbs,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities Senator Scott Ludlam. 

“For our cities as a whole to function effectively and fairly, these growing outer suburbs urgently need more investment to connect them to the opportunities others take for granted.”

The National Growth Areas Alliance’s Fund Our Future campaign has been launched today and shows such investment would permanently boost national GDP by billions of dollars.

“Better public transport and health facilities will be good for residents and good for business,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure Senator Janet Rice. 

“People living in growth areas should have the choice of high quality public transport, safe roads and quality paths for walking and cycling.

“Easier and less commuting will ease costly road congestion, improve people’s quality of life and reduce the cost of living.”


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