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Government must not take any chances on deporting people to danger or death

The Australian Government must ensure the safety of a Tamil man they are sending back to Sri Lanka at the same time as the British High Court has chosen to halt similar deportations, the Australian Greens said today.

 “The British High Court is aware of the persecution that awaits these people when they return home, but the Australian Government is still deporting them," Greens spokesperson for immigration, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

 “NGOs such as Amnesty International report that serious human rights breaches are still occurring in Sri Lanka, despite the end of the Civil War, and there is mounting evidence that people are being targeted upon being forcibly returned.

 “If Australia is to deport people to refugee-producing countries like Sri Lanka then there must be guarantees of oversight and monitoring of their well-being and safety afterwards.  

 “We know that people who Australia previously returned to Sri Lanka faced harm and further persecution. When the stakes are so high, the government must not take any chances with people’s lives.

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