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Environment Minister approves third coal project in a month and more environmental destruction

Greens Environment Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young responded to the announcement the Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has approved another new coal project, the third in a month:

“Australia’s so-called Environment Minister is at it again, approving another coal mine that will destroy the environment, endanger wildlife and pollute the climate. 

“Approving this coal mine a month out from the global climate summit in Glasgow shows a complete disregard by the Environment Minister for the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions. 

“While the rest of the world is committing to strong targets to reduce pollution and plans to move away from fossil fuels, the Morrison Government is expanding coal in the middle of the climate crisis. 

“Sussan Ley also continues to show she has zero ambition to end Australia’s extinction crisis and protect our wildlife from mines, developments and pollution. 

“The Minister has approved the destruction of the habitat of endangered regent honeyeaters and vulnerable grey-headed flying fox that call the site of this mine home. 

“Sussan Ley is failing as a Minister for the Environment and our environment laws are letting her get away with it. 

“The Samuel Review recommended immediate changes to offsets to ensure they do not contribute to environmental decline – yet the Minister has changed nothing and again approved another project with offsets. 

“This madness of approving new coal mines and more land clearing must stop. Australia should be joining countries around the world and pledging a zero extinction target, together with a strong 2030 emissions reduction target." 

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