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Dutton's escalation of Manus Island crisis

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has again escalated the Manus Island humanitarian emergency by ordering the use of force against innocent people.

"Dutton tried to starve and dehydrate the men out of his prison, now he's using violence to try to force them out," Greens Immigration Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"What is happening on Manus Island is an blatant abuse of people's rights by a minister who has abandoned all sense of human decency."

"At every turn, Dutton has chosen to escalate the situation and make it even more dangerous for innocent people, and he has done so again today."

"Manus Island is on a knife edge because of the choices Dutton has made, and if more blood is spilled it will be on his and Turnbull's hands."

"The men have to be evacuated to safety immediately."

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