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Dutton Grants Rort Renews ICAC Calls

Media Release
Larissa Waters 14 Feb 2021

The Greens condemn Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton for using his ministerial powers to slash millions in grant funding for community projects recommended by his department, in favour of his own handpicked list in electorally beneficial locations.

Greens Leader in the Senate and spokesperson for democracy, Senator Larissa Waters, said:

“Another day, another pork barrelling scandal.

"Ministers picking their own pet projects against departmental recommendations to secure electoral outcomes has become commonplace under the Morrison Government.

“The rorts will keep coming because Morrison and his mates treat public money as their own kitty for keeping themselves in power.

“After Sports Rorts, the Greens moved to establish a broader Senate Inquiry into Government rorts, only for it to be blocked by the Government and One Nation.

 “Minister Dutton may be in breach of Ministerial Standards but as if the Prime Minister would choose now to start enforcing them.

“This pork barrelling will only stop when we have a federal corruption watchdog that applies to all MPs.

 “The Government has proposed a sham integrity commission that would shield their mates from proper scrutiny – and it’s clear why.

“My bill for a federal corruption watchdog passed the Senate a year-and-a-half ago, but Morrison – surprise, surprise – still refuses to bring it on for debate in the House. 

“Enough is enough. This Government is running away from integrity and transparency as fast as new corruption scandals emerge. It’s time for Morrison to clean up his sideshow of scandals.”

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