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Coalition blocks tabling of Brethren book

Media Release
Bob Brown 25 Sep 2008

Parliamentary shop stock sold out

In the Senate this morning the Coalition refused leave for Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown to table Michael Bachelard's new book "Behind the Exclusive Brethren".

Leave was refused yesterday by both major parties but after Senator Brown gave each a copy to read overnight, the Government agreed today, leaving the Opposition alone in its refusal to have the book tabled.

Senator Brown's move followed a Privileges Committee report released yesterday in which four Exclusive Brethren elders claimed Senator Brown and fellow Greens Senator Christine Milne had made 'false and erroneous and ill-informed statements' about the sect in Senate debate last May.

"The Opposition says the Bachelard book is 'not balanced'," Senator Brown said.

"If that is a criterion, almost nothing, including the Exclusive Brethren elders' complaint, could be tabled.

"I bought both copies of the book available from the Parliamentary Shop yesterday to have Labor and the Coalition read it overnight.

"The Coalition hasn't returned their copy, so at least someone over there is having a good read," Senator Brown said.

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