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Coalition’s delay on food labelling hurts consumers, farmers, themselves

Media Release
Christine Milne 26 Feb 2015

The Australian Greens are calling on the Coalition to stop bickering and vote for clearer food labelling.

"The Country of Origin food labelling Bill that is currently before Parliament is the result of years of consultation with the industry. It deserves this government's support," said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"This issue has cross-party support. Why would Barnaby Joyce deliberately reject the help of others who have a long-standing commitment to it?

"The Liberals and Nationals have enough fights on their hands. Why are they pretending there is no bill and no obvious way forward on an initiative they claim to support, when they actually have the numbers to achieve it?

"Now we've got 19 cases of Hepatitis A across five states and territories and the community has said enough is enough - we want clearer food labelling.

"Not only is it good for public health, it's great for Australian farmers.

"The Nationals keep saying they'll act on this, while the Liberals are getting in the way with their overblown and unfounded concern about the cost of new labels to businesses.

"Now is the opportunity to do it. We've got the solution.

"Why wait for the Coalition to pull a proposal out of thin air at the end of March, when we could have a quality bill, endorsed by the industry, passed into law on March 2nd?"


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