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Clive and his coal mines are not welcome in Queensland

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 26 Apr 2018

A Clive Palmer monster mine, bigger than Adani, is what will happen if we open up the Galilee Basin to new coal mines, says Queensland Greens Senator and spokesperson for mining and resources Andrew Bartlett.

"This shows once again why the state Labor government must rule out any new thermal coal mines anywhere in Queensland.

"The laid off workers at Queensland Nickel their families and communities have not forgotten the callous mismanagement that took away their livelihoods and neither have Queenslanders.

"Clive and his coal mines are not welcome here.

"Both Labor and the Coalition have set a precedent by cheering on Adani. They have shown they won’t stand in the way of millions of tonnes of coal being dug up and burnt so fossil fuel billionaires can profit.

"Burning fossil fuels impact lives and livelihoods.

"Records for high temperatures are being broken routinely, farmers on the front line are struggling to cope with harsher climate extremes, insurance premiums in northern Queensland are eye wateringly expensive, and in poorly planned poorer neighbourhoods we’re seeing temperatures hitting the mid to high forties.    

"The Great Barrier Reef is being cooked by warming sea temperatures with wave after wave of mass bleaching.

"The only way to fix this is to ban new thermal coal mines and ban donations from the fossil fuel industry.

"So instead of working to maximise profit for the likes of Clive Palmer our political system works to make sure there is a future for all of us."

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