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As climate bushfires continue government must reject CCS pipedream: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 18 Nov 2019

Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP has slammed the government’s latest push for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, dismissing it as a useless pipedream.


“As the climate bushfires continue to devastate the country, the government’s only climate proposal is a pipedream,” said Mr Bandt.


“The clear message we’ve been hearing from former emergency services chiefs and those impacted by the bushfires is that we need to tackle the climate emergency. If you don’t have a plan to phase out coal you don’t have a plan to tackle the climate crisis.


“CCS won’t save coal and won’t save people from the climate crisis. This apparent policy miracle has been hailed as the magic bullet for over a decade, but in reality it’s just a pipedream.


“If this government wants to invest in infrastructure, they should invest in clean, renewable energy to make Australia a renewable energy superpower.


“Today, as the Insurance Council added their voice to calls for the government to factor in climate crisis to bushfire preparations, it’s time for the government to come to the table with real policy solutions, not another coal-fired thought bubble.”  

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