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Australian Greens Continue to Provide a Voice for Those Impacted Under Mean-Spirited Newstart ‘Reforms.’




The Australian Greens today received a collection of gestures of hope in the form of love hearts from the Single Parents Action Group, SPAG, outside of the Tasmanian Parliament.

 Senator Whish-Wilson said the issue of the Government’s so-called ‘reforms’ to the Single Parent Allowance and Newstart had struck a nerve in Tasmania.

 “Since my office opened in Launceston on the 2nd of January we’ve been flooded with phone calls, letters and e-mails from single parents, who have taken a cut of between $60-$200 per week since being moved across to Newstart,” Senator Whish-Wilson stated.

 "I understand single parent have recently met with Tasmanian Labor Senators and MP's, who have listened and promised to take their concerns to the Labor caucus.

"Whilst this is encouraging, the Greens hope this pressure leads to Labor revising their unfair and  socially destructive single parent payment changes"

Senator Whish-Wilson was joined in Hobart by Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens Spokesperson for Family, Community and Disability Services in Hobart for the national NDIS Inquiry.

 “The Greens have been the only Party representing many single parents in parliament, with the Government more interested in looking after the big miners than those who have to crane their necks in order to see the poverty line”, Senator Siewert stated.



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