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Australia should build an independent foreign policy - Parliamentary scrutiny of 2500 USA troops plan needed

Media Release
Bob Brown 16 Nov 2011

“The Gillard government’s plan to host between 200 - 2500 US troops and give expanded access to USA military aircraft should be subjected to a parliamentary debate,” Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said in Canberra today.

“The Greens welcome President Obama to Australia for a visit that will be quite different to that of George W Bush,” Senator Brown said.

“But Australia should have an independent relationship with its neighbours, its own region and the world, on its own terms.

“Any penalties for other regional relationships of the increases troop presence should be fully scrutinised by parliament first.

“The mistake of Australia following the USA Government into Iraq and now not bringing our troops home from Afghanistan like Canada, shows the costs of not having an independent foreign policy.

Senator Brown said that President Obama’s concern that ‘proliferation is a regional challenge’ underscored the hazard of Australia sending uranium to India.

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