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Australia ready for Denticare: Greens

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 15 May 2012

Greens’ health spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that the popularity of increased dental spending in last week’s budget reinforced the need for Denticare.

A poll by Essential Media has shown that 87% of respondents supported increased spending on dental health in the budget.

“I am not at all surprised that the dental investment secured by the Greens has resonated so much with the community,” said Senator Di Natale.

“One thing I have learned during this campaign for dental reform is just how many people can’t afford dental treatment. We know that at least one in three Australians either delay going to a dentist because of the cost, or don’t go at all.

“The investment we negotiated in this budget has laid the foundations for a national Medicare style dental scheme. The Greens look forward to working with the Government on the design of the new scheme over the coming months.

“We need to start by making dental treatment accessible to low income Australians but we also need to expand the scheme over time until we reach the Greens vision of a universal Denticare scheme.

“The fact that investment in dental health has been the most popular measure in the budget is proof that Australians want Denticare.”

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