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Australia’s second national broadcaster at a crossroads

The Greens have released their SBS budget submission to Government, requesting a sustained funding increase in the 2012-15 triennium (read it here).

The submission includes a number of potential revenue measures that would pay for the funding increase, while still allowing the budget to return surplus.

Our second national broadcaster occupies a crucial place in the Australian media environment. The Greens believe SBS should be properly funded to carry out its important role in a rapidly changing market, and that the creeping commercialisation of the station should be reversed.

Senator Scott Ludlam will introduce a bill into the Senate, mandating that a portion of any budget increase to SBS should be allocated to removing advertising within program breaks.

The Australian Senate unanimously passed a resolution in support of SBS which, in part:

Calls on the government to consider whether the resources allocated to SBS are sufficient to allow it to fulfil its mandate and take full advantage of the education, employment and creative opportunities provided by digital multi-channelling and the NBN.

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