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Aircraft noise health risk link highlights need to move Sydney Airport

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 11 Oct 2013

Commenting on today’s report linking aircraft noise with serious health problems, Greens transport spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon renewed her party’s call for Sydney Airport to be relocated to address the health, public safety and environmental problems associated with the current location.

The British Medical Journal reports that exposure to aircraft noise can put people at risk of developing heart disease and suffering strokes.

“There is mounting evidence that Sydney Airport should be relocated. This latest report linking serious health risks with aircraft noise highlights why relocation outside the Sydney airshed basin is needed,” Senator Rhiannon said today.

“Planners should take these health risks into account when considering the future of Sydney Airport. 

“This worrying report should kick start Labor and the Coalition into reassessing their own airport policies. The major parties’ plans for airports in built up areas are irresponsible.

 “A number of overseas cities, including Oslo, Athens, Bangkok and Hong Kong, have successfully relocated urban airports to outside their busy cities.

“Jobs growth and economic benefits would be achieved by relocating and linking the new site with High Speed Rail.

“The current site could provide the revitalisation southern Sydney needs. Redevelopment into a mixed use residential and employment precinct, with extensive green space would be a plus for all of Sydney,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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