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ABC is the answer to soft-diplomacy in Asia-Pacific

The Greens will move for responsibility and funding to be restored to the ABC to share content with the Asia-Pacific region in the Senate next week.


“It is high time the Morrison Government gave the ABC back its job, sharing its world-class content and journalism in our region. Next week in the Senate, I will call on the Government to do so,” Greens media spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


 “The ABC is creating high-quality Australian drama and kids TV that audiences love. If that wasn’t enough, we know it is also our most trusted news source.


“Commercial networks are fighting tooth and nail to shirk their responsibility to create Australian drama for Australian audiences. If they aren’t going to make it for Australian audiences, it is baffling to suggest they would make it to share with the Asia-Pacific.


“Despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s berating of its journalists for doing their job and holding him to account, Australians know the value of the ABC, and its potential.


“It was a mistake by the Abbott Government to end the ABC’s responsibility to foster soft diplomacy by sharing our news and television with our neighbours.


“Handing the responsibility to commercial networks is not the solution - I’m not sure how far the Bachelor can go in helping build international relationships in the Asia-Pacific.


“It’s time the Liberals ended ideological attacks on the ABC. It is better for our people, our democracy, and diplomacy in the region, if the ABC has the ability to create strong Australian content and continue to produce independent journalism.”

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