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$30b to be cut from schools, but even Government doesn’t know how

Media Release
Penny Wright 5 Jun 2014

The Abbott Government cannot say where almost $30 billion in budget cuts to schools will be found, says Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright.

Senator Wright said estimates questioning late last night revealed the Government had picked a random number with no thought to the consequences.

"The best Treasury could do was say the cuts to schools would be 'something less than $30 billion'," Senator Wright said.

"When even Treasury doesn't know the real numbers - you know there's no plan behind this policy.

"The Abbott Government can't say how much will come from public schools, they can't say how much will be cut from individual state budgets and they have no idea what programs they're going to have to terminate to reach this magical $30 billion figure.

"They've clearly pulled this number out of the air with no thought to how it will affect Australian children and their families.

"But because we've heard all about Mr Pyne's 'emotional attachment' to private schools, we know it will be public schools that bear the brunt of these brutal cuts.

"The Australian Greens are committed to fighting the Abbott Government's cruel budget every step of the way and we will never stop fighting for our kids' future."

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