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“This is fascism in larval form. This is a time to resist” – Ludlam speech on Trump

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 8 Feb 2017

On his first day back in the senate chamber, Australian Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Foreign Policy Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam outlined the Greens position on the Trump administration and Australia’s alliance with the United States in a late night adjournment speech.

“Donald J Trump inherited President Obama’s drone assassination programme, his global mass surveillance apparatus, his Asia-Pacific Pivot that cemented the encirclement of China with a network of military, his unprecedented attacks on whistleblowers and journalists. Maybe that all seemed benign when the argument was being run by a gifted orator like Mr Obama. But it wasn’t benign.

“Turnkey tyranny. The tools are all there, all it requires is an administration paranoid enough, arrogant enough, deranged enough, to turn the key.

“Mr Trump appears to take an amoral and purely transactional view of international relations, as he does in his business dealings.

“Since becoming President, he (Trump) has said that torture “absolutely works” and that the US needs to “fight fire with fire”.

“This is fascism in larval form.

As of this morning, Senator Ludlam’s speech had been viewed more than 50000 times online. Full text and video below.

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