WestCONnex: Driving Sydney to Destruction

14 Aug 2016 | 12:30 pm

If Mike Baird gets away with WestCONnex, our community will never recover. Come along to our public meeting to hear how you can help stop Westconnex and listen to a great line-up of speakers. 


Hiroshima Day March and Rally Newcastle

07 Aug 2016 | 10:30 am

Walk with us on 7 August, bring your banners, placards, and friends/family from Honeysuckle to Civic Park for a peaceful gathering at the Hiroshima Day March in Newcastle.


Hiroshima Day March and Rally Sydney

06 Aug 2016 | 1:00 pm

Join us in Sydney for the Hiroshima Memorial Day march and rally and to call on the Government to end our involvement in violent and senseless wars.


WA Greens Senators returned to the Senate

01 Aug 2016

“Scott and I are thrilled to be returned to the Senate, we would like to thank the tireless volunteers who ran a remarkable field campaign to ensure our re-election.



Grayndler Thank you Party

22 Jul 2016 | 7:00 pm

Come along to a celebration of the Grayndler campaign's efforts and a thank you to volunteers and supporters.


Greens NSW vote increases

03 Jul 2016

Greens NSW comment on the 2016 federal election results so far.


Keep Left 2016

13 Aug 2016 | 9:15 am

Join us for a two day conference of revolutionary politics, debate and discussion.


Greens Senator Rhiannon in Tamworth on jobs, live exports, Leyonhjelm and guns

29 Jun 2016

Greens Senator Rhiannon is in Tamworth today with Greens New England candidate Mercurius Goldstein. They will discuss jobs, live exports, Leyonhjelm and guns. 


Greens NSW Election Night Party

02 Jul 2016 | 6:00 pm

Join us for a celebration on election night this year.


An independent alone cannot save TAFE or protect farms

28 Jun 2016

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon has backed the call from New England Greens candidate Mercurius Goldstein for voters to support the Greens before independent candidates.

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