Hiring for an Office Manager in the Office of Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon

15 Jul 2015

Our office is hiring for an office manager. If you would like to join our team, pleae get in touch. 


Hiring for a Campaigner in the Office of Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon

15 Jul 2015

Our office is hiring for a campaigner. If you would like to join our team, pleae get in touch. 


Rachel Celebrates a Decade in the Senate

30 Jun 2015

Senator Rachel Siewert has celebrated a decade in the Senate, with family, friends and supporters gathering in Perth.


ALERT: Senator Lee Rhiannon tours Central NSW community campaigns

29 Jun 2015

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon in Western NSW for meetings with councillors and to offer support to local campaigns.


Christine's last Speech in the Senate

25 Jun 2015

On this day of national shame—and that is the only way you can describe it when the government and the Labor Party have completely lost their moral compass—to retrospectively legalise the illegal, under the law as it stands, to send babies into offshore detention indefinitely, I rise here to say how proud I am that the Greens are a strong and rising political force here and around the world, a force for hope, resilience and change in an otherwise bleak political environment. That force for hope, resilience and change was on show here last night as well, as we stood up for addressing global warming, for renewable energy, for the conversion to the low-carbon economy and, instead, watched what I can only describe as the 'hollow men'. I will come back to that a bit later.


Speech: New South Wales Government

17 Jun 2015

Lee questions the New South Wales government's lack of commitment in preserving the historical sector of Parramatta to the advantage of developers. 


Speech: Housing Affordability

17 Jun 2015

Lee advocates for the adoption of the Greens' plan for negative gearing and capital gains tax reform.


Enough is Enough

16 Jun 2015

Enough is enough. It's time we drew a line in the sand. We can't go on like this. We have a callous and ruthless government and a complicit Opposition.

We've got a situation where the Prime Minister says that all that matters is that we stop the boats.

Prime Minister, that's not all the matters.


Australian Young Greens Conference- Adelaide

25 Sep 2015 | 9:00 am

The SA Young Greens are thrilled to welcome progressive young people from all over Australia to Adelaide for the 2015 Conference of the Australian Young Greens.


Estimates: Environment and Communications Legislation Committee (Department of the Environment)

26 May 2015

Lee seeks clarification on a number of areas including: possible World Heritage Listing for Sydney's Royal National Park, the North Parramatta urban renewal development proposal and its impact on Heritage Listing for the Parramatta Female Factory precinct and protections for dolphins in Australia's marine mammal parks. 

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