Christine Milne on Phillip Hughes condolence: 'Enormous respect as a cricketer, and a much loved son'

03 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, addresses the senate on a condolence motion for cricketer Phillip Hughes.


Statement on tragic death of Phillip Hughes

27 Nov 2014

The Australian Greens express profound sadness at the tragic death of the outstanding young cricketer Phillip Hughes.


Defence Minister's comments show contempt for SA's proud history of skilled manufacturing

26 Nov 2014

What confidence can we have that the Abbott Government cares at all for South Australian jobs, especially following the rest of their decisions which have undermined the South Australian employment market.


Newcastle community hurt by ABC Cuts

24 Nov 2014

Abbott's lie that there will be ‘no cuts to the ABC' will be sorely felt in Newcastle, as the local radio station 1233 ABC falls victim to the government's axe.


SA hit hardest by Abbott's broken promise on ABC

24 Nov 2014

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright says South Australia has been hardest hit by the ABC job cuts, with 7.30 SA, the Port Augusta radio bureau and local TV production to close.


Greens back “The Tasmanian Opportunity”

10 Nov 2014

Today, the Tasmanian Greens Leader, Kim Booth MP, and Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, welcomed efforts from the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce in continuing the public discussion about the opportunities that would flow from processing refugees in Tasmania, rather than in expensive and cruel off-shore processing facilities.


AID/WATCH Speaking Tour: In Defence of Land in Melanesia

12 Nov 2014 | 1:30 pm

Throughout Melanesia, community land is being threatened. Foreign land grabs, land privatisation and foreign direct investment are pursued as a means to accelerate economic growth in the region. 


Paid Internship: Office of Senator Lee Rhiannon

05 Nov 2014

The Office of Senator Lee Rhiannon is excited to open applications for a paid, part-time internship position over a period of three months. 


Liberals must back down on plans to send Tasmanian Medicare jobs offshore

05 Nov 2014

Today, Greens Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson, stood with the CPSU to support their campaign to stop the Liberal government privatising the Medicare payment processing service in Hobart.

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