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New spokes for the transport spokesperson

17 Sep 2014

After months of borrowing her sons' bike, Senator Janet Rice talks about her joy at choosing her new bike in Melbourne. 

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Abbott and Palmer Party Mining Repeal Deal explained

02 Sep 2014

The Abbott Government and coal-mining billionaire Clive Palmer have done a deal which will see the Palmer Party and Coalition join forces in the Senate to repeal the Mining Tax.


Artistic Freedom

15 Mar 2014

The hypocrisy is galling. Abbott government Minister George Brandis' invokes freedom of speech when advocating for a winding back of protections against racial vilification, and yet moves to censor artists wishing to criticise his government's appalling and cruel refugee policies.


Pyne's curriculum review doesn't pass the logic test

19 Jan 2014

Christopher Pyne's review is designed to distract from the mess the government has made over Gonski - but we're not going to let him away with it. 


Cruelty to refugees puts brakes on Christmas cheer

24 Dec 2013

I love this time of year - the heat, the surf, the food, catching up with family and friends. But at a Christmas lunch with refugees our shared enjoyment was marred by the outcome of cruel government policies.

Over the past year I have come to know many of the Tamil refugees at Villawood, so along with my staff I was very pleased to accept their invitation to join them for lunch.



Employment the barrier to positive ageing

29 Nov 2013

In the past few days, two reports from the Productivity Commission and Grattan Institute have suggested a number of policy responses to our ageing population.

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