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Fixing the Gender Pay Gap: Ending Pay Gag Clauses

31 Jul 2015

The Greens have a plan to level the playing field and start to fix the gender pay gap by banning pay “gag clauses” which can hide discrimination and unconscious bias. 


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Make an urgent call

25 Jun 2015

Thank you for agreeing to make a call to the Labor Party to urge them to stand up to the Abbott Government, and for the rights of asylum seekers and the rule of law, today.

The Senate is debating the Government's bill as we speak - so we don't have long.


Inquiry into Senator Brandis' extraordinary arts rip-off

18 Jun 2015

Senator Ludlam: Guess who that leaves out? The entire arts community. They weren't actually able to provide evidence on this extraordinary rip-off that Senator Brandis has perpetuated on arts funding and I - and Seantor Collins on behalf of the Labor Party - would like to take more evidence than taht provided by Senator Brandis.


A better outcome for pensioners

16 Jun 2015

Tonight we have reached an agreement with the government to reverse an unfair Howard-era decision on pensions, and secured a much needed review into retirement incomes.

Our agreement means that pension payments will be more targeted to those who need the most support.


Enough is Enough

16 Jun 2015

Enough is enough. It's time we drew a line in the sand. We can't go on like this. We have a callous and ruthless government and a complicit Opposition.

We've got a situation where the Prime Minister says that all that matters is that we stop the boats.

Prime Minister, that's not all the matters.

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