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The Government's appalling treatment of Professor Gillian Triggs

24 Feb 2015

If I’m feeling battered, I wonder how the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission is feeling...Probably the most difficult day I’ve experienced in Senate Estimates, today, as I had to witness a fine person and exceptional lawyer, Professor Gillian Triggs, being relentlessly hounded by two government Senators, shamelessly assisted by the overwhelmingly partisan Chair of the committee. Senate committees can often be political but can also be a source of good information and strong cross-party work. For me, this was an absolute low point.  

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Happy New Year from Senator Rice

31 Dec 2014

A New Year's message from Senator Janet Rive


COP20 draws to a close

14 Dec 2014

COP 20 has drawn to an close after an exhausting two weeks here in Lima. We have a document, the Lima Climate Action Plan, which has been agreed after last minute negotiations between the President of the COP and each of the negotiating blocs.


Feels like déjà vu here at COP20

14 Dec 2014

Friday was the longest day here at the climate talks in Peru with little collective progress being made. Hopefully the overnight negotiations and this morning's plenary meeting will bring results for our climate. 


COP Blog: Time is running out

12 Dec 2014

The second last day of the climate talks in Lima brought both intrigue and tension but also hope. Read more from Christine here.


COP20 Blog: People of Peru hit the streets

11 Dec 2014

Day 3 of the climate talks saw the people of Peru hit the streets in their thousands to demand strong action on climate change.

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