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Iftar dinner with Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi

22 Jun 2016

On Monday the Greens NSW, Greens MP Dr Faruqi and I hosted an Iftar dinner with Muslim women from diverse communities in NSW. A big thank you to all who came and for sharing their thoughts, experiences and a meal with us. Here is a copy of the speech I gave at the dinner.

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Israel's Occupation of Palestine

16 May 2016

The Daily Telegraph continues to chronicle the movements of various Greens MPs and candidates, this morning by reporting on a leaflet that my office printed for the 68th anniversary of Nakba. The article incorrectly states that use of the word ‘apartheid’ in relation to Israel is antithetical to Greens policy. Although the word itself does not appear in Greens’ policy on Palestine, it is consistent with our policy and I have used it many times before. 


IWD: a tradition of protest and political activism

08 Mar 2016

International Women’s Day comes from a tradition of protest and political activism. 


Peoples' Climate Marches

26 Nov 2015

This weekend tens of thousands of people will be hitting the street around the country for the Peoples’ Climate Marches. This is our chance to send Prime Minister Turnbull a strong message as he makes his way to Paris - Australia is ready to RenewAustralia and embrace a clean energy future.



23 Nov 2015

Today the Greens are moving amendments to a government migration bill to free children from detention. Over recent weeks and months we have heard horrifying stories of violence, abuse and trauma endured by children and their families.


Doorknocking for our climate

10 Nov 2015

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are heading to the world climate talks in Paris in just weeks - alongside our Greens Senators Richard Di Natale and Larissa Waters who will be there holding them to account!

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