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Rudd Carbon Plan Unravelling: Urgent Review Needed

The Australian Greens say the growing discontent over the Government's carbon trading scheme - including the Government's own advisor Professor Ross Garnaut - now means it's imperative that an immediate review be held of the scheme's targets and design.

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Some are more equal than others - what does the emissions target mean?

This post was published originally this morning at ABC Online

One of the most important numbers in Australia's history was revealed yesterday - a number that carries with it the hopes and fears of millions of people and embodies our priorities as a nation, our balancing of the relative worth of human beings.

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Business-as-usual cannot trump the laws of science on climate change

The Australian Greens today warned the Rudd Government that its emissions trading scheme must be based on science.

"Prime Minister Rudd must recognise that he cannot negotiate with the laws of physics and chemistry. Speeding up already announced renewable energy funding will not compensate for weak targets," Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Climate Change Spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Tasmania's darkest side on global show. Police must investigate violence against protesters

The culture of violence and ignorance in Tasmania's anti-environmental establishment is on global show today, Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne.

Yesterday's terrifying attack on peaceful protesters in the Florentine Valley on the eastern boundary of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area follows Premier Bartlett's extraordinary statement that "I don't think the logging of old-growth forests is necessarily related to climate change" and his claim that the clear global position that standing forests are more valuable than logged forests is "bullshit".

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World Heritage Funding slashed

Bob Brown 15 Oct 2008

Federal funding for Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area has been slashed by two thirds (see table), Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

This week's announcement of $3.4 million funding simply carried forward the Howard government's cut every year since 2001. In 2007 dollar terms, funding peaked in 1997 at $10.22 million and will fall next year to $3.294 million.

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Ronan Lee is Queensland’s first Greens MP

The Member for Indooroopilly, Ronan Lee, is Queensland's first Greens MP. Mr Lee resigned from the Labor Party today.

Mr Lee, who won Indooroopilly from the Liberals in 2001 and then retained the seat in 2004 and 2006, says he will provide a strong, sensible response to the climate crisis for Queensland.

Mr Lee said, "Queensland needs to take advantage of its natural advantages to make our state the world's leading solar power economy".

"We also need to focus our infrastructure spending on building a world-class public transport system"

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Estimates hearings: Great Barrier Reef

STANDING COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTSGreat Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Discussion Senator MILNE—I am very interested to know what the current impacts of climate change are on the reef. I would like to start with the surface temperature. Could you tell us how the water temperature has changed—if it has changed—over the last decade and what the trend line is? What is the threshold that has triggered a bleaching event in the past? Are we anywhere near that in terms of average temperatures now?

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