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Security firm charged with future of Tasmanian wildlife

Greens Deputy Leader, Christine Milne today revealed today the shocking state of Tasmania's wildlife disease service. The Greens Senator said she was saddened and stunned to hear a wildlife disease hotline promoted by the State government is answered by a local security company with no knowledge of veterinary science.

"I am sickened at the low level of priority Premier Bartlett and Minister David Llewellyn give wildlife disease. It is beyond comprehension that the Tasmanian government has placed a security company in charge of monitoring wildlife disease throughout the state."

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Greens express concern over Ningaloo nomination boundaries

The Australian Greens have welcomed the announcement by the Federal Government of its nomination of WA's Ningaloo Reef to the World Heritage list, however they are concerned about the boundaries of the area nominated.

“As Australia's largest fringing coral reef and an area that has a fascinating array of land and marine ecosystems, Ningaloo certainly deserves this nomination, which is why the Greens have been calling for it for some time," the Greens' Marine Spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert said.

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Greens commend Environment Minister’s decision on Great Keppel Island resort

The Australian Greens today commended Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett's decision to knock back a plan to build a huge resort on Great Keppel Island.

"This was clearly the right decision to make, and I welcome the stance of Minister Garrett," said Australian Greens marine spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert.

"A project of this magnitude would have disastrous effects on the surrounding environment and ecosystems. The resort would have placed unacceptable pressures on the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage marine park."

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Scott Ludlam 22 Oct 2009

Senator LUDLAM-I thought I was being quite impatient. Thank you very much. We will kick off.  Welcome back. It is like we never left. I want to put a couple of questions to you about the heritage projects that were funded through the Jobs Fund. It is very welcome seeing the spending finally hitting the ground. As the government's principal advisory body on heritage, did the Australian Heritage Council assess the relevant applications and advise the minister?

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Greens welcome Ningaloo World Heritage plan

The Australian Greens have welcomed news this morning that Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is likely to be nominated to the World Heritage List in February 2010.

The Senate Environment, Communication and the Arts Committee was told today (Tues 20/10/09) that the Federal and State governments have been negotiating boundary issues and it was expected that the reef would be nominated by the deadline of 1 February 2010.

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World Heritage for Ningaloo


Senator SIEWERT—I want to ask about Ningaloo and the progress on the potential World Heritage listing of Ningaloo. The last time we discussed this, if I recall rightly, you were still discussing it with the Western Australian government. There were some negotiations over the various proposed boundaries. I am looking for an update about where we are with those negotiations and whether there has been any progress.

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Greens create more sustainable local jobs for WA

The Australian Greens are pleased to today announce more than $5.5 million to be spent on local WA heritage projects that will create more than 90 new local, sustainable jobs and traineeships across the State.
“Back in February, Australia’s five Greens Senators used their balance-of-power position, shared with the two Independents in the Senate, to negotiate some key wins for job seekers and the environment in the Government’s $42 billion economic stimulus package,” Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said.

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A Different World - Speech to the National Press Club

The Government and other naysayers say it can't be done. The Greens say it must be done, so it will be done.

Christine Milne spoke today at the National Press Club in Canberra, televised nationally on ABC1, setting out the Greens' vision for a safe climate and setting that against what the Government is proposing with the CPRS.

You can read the speech here and please use this as an open thread to discuss the issues it raises!

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