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World Heritage on the cards for Ningaloo

The Australian Greens welcomed confirmation in Senate Estimates that the Government would finally move of World Heritage protection for Ningaloo Reef.

It was confirmed in Estimates yesterday that the Federal Government plans to nominate Ningaloo Reef for the 2009 round of World Heritage listing.

Yesterday Department of Environment and Heritage officials confirmed that the region would be nominated by 1st Feb 2009 for final consideration by the world heritage body in mid 2010.

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$6 Million earmarked for conservation handed back to Treasurer

The Australian Greens were shocked to learn in Senate Estimates today that $6 Million set aside for protecting biodiversity hotspots has not been spent and will be handed back to Treasury.

"This money was meant to be used to buy high conservation-value properties in Australia's biodiversity 'hotspots' – areas where there is a great concentration of unique wildlife," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"I cannot believe that the government couldn't spend this money – when there are so many opportunities to buy back some stunning private and leasehold land."

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Audit shows need for measurable outcomes

The release of a report by the Auditor General's Office today foregrounds ongoing concerns with the lack of accountability for delivering outcomes of major environment and land care programs.

"We need to be able to clearly demonstrate that the large amounts of money spent on the National Heritage Trust (NHT) and the National Action Plan on Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) are achieving measurable land management and environmental outcomes," said Senator Siewert today.

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Greens demand action to protect Great Barrier Reef

The Greens have renewed calls for immediate carbon emission reductions after the release of a study into the possible destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

The study predicts the world's coral reef systems, including Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, could collapse within 30 years if the effects of global warming are not reversed.

"This study calls for rapid reductions in carbon dioxide levels, indicating that the impact of climate change on coral reefs is just around the corner," said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

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GREENS National Initiative on Forests and Climate POLICY

 Launceston. Both Labor and the Coalition are promoting Gunns' Tamar Valley pulp mill which, together with two Gunns' export woodchip mills, will consume more than 200,000 hectares of native forests over the next 20 years.  The mill will increase national greenhouse gas emissions by up to two per cent.
The Greens' plan in Tasmania, launched in Launceston today by Greens leader Bob Brown, is to:

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Brown says Turnbull has sold out World Heritage rock art: appeal to Garrett

Bob Brown 3 Jul 2007

"Our nation's Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Malcolm Turnbull, has sold out on his prime obligation to fully protect Australia's and one of the world's great rock art sites," Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"He has given more of the stunning Burrup art site across to the bulldozers and acid rain for the big corporations. There are good alternative sites for processing the gas, but nothing will ever reverse the loss of the rock art involved."

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Brown Welcomes Macquarie Island Pact

National Greens Leader Bob Brown has welcomed the $24.6 million plan by the Federal and Tasmanian governments to rid Macquarie Island of rabbits, rats and mice.
"At last, the breakthrough to get pest control under way for this World Heritage island within 2 years. This plan has had great success in ridding New Zealand's subantarctic islands of pest plagues so it raises high hopes for our Macquarie Island"
"Macquarie Island is one of the world's great wildlife refuges and has stunning natural landscape. Getting rid of the rabbits will protect both" Senator Brown said.

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Abetz, Turnbull fail Tasmania's wild forests

Bob Brown 11 May 2007

The so-called Community Forest Agreement, hailed today by federal ministers Abetz and Turnbull, has seen the Prime Minister break a core promise from the 2004 election, and the actual and planned destruction of thousands of hectares of Tasmania's wild forests.
Only a third of the promised 18,700 hectares of the World Heritage value forests, which Prime Minster John Howard promised would be protected in the Upper Florentine and Styx Valley, have been protected.

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World Heritage For Tarkine?

Greens Leader Bob Brown says federal environment minister Ian Campbell should announce World Heritage nomination for the Tarkine wilderness when he visits the area tomorrow.
The World Heritage Convention requires signatories, like Australia, to protect prospective sites until they are fully assessed.  "The Tarkine will doubtlessly qualify as an extension of the existing Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area," Senator Brown said.

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