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Boycott needed after torture trial farce

The Australian Greens have called for the Government to cut all military ties with Indonesia in response to light jail terms handed down yesterday to Indonesian soldiers who tortured two Papuan men.

Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said the conduct of the Indonesian government and the farcical trial of the three soldiers involved showed a "total lack of respect for human rights".

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Human Rights - Indonesia, Maluku and Detachment 88

Senator Ludlam asked:

Does Australia have a view on the 70 political activists who were imprisoned in Maluku, Ambon, Indonesia, since 2007, and have we made representations at any level on the incarceration of these pro-democracy activists? What are the specific dates and times of these representations?


Embassy officials in Jakarta engage regularly on human rights issues with government and civil society representatives, including human rights groups.

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West Papua - Mr Viktor Kaisiepo

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (10.06 am) - I move:

That the Senate -

(a) notes, with sadness, the recent passing of West Papuan activist Mr Viktor Kaisiepo in his hometown of Amersfoort, in the Netherlands, at the age of 61;

(b) acknowledges Mr Kaisiepo's life-long commitment to raising awareness of the plight of West Papua; and

(c) extends its sympathy to the family and friends of Mr Kaisiepo and to the broader West Papuan community.

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Senate supports Greens’ call for Red Cross access in West Papua

The Senate has supported the Greens’ call for the International Red Cross to be granted full access to West Papua.

A motion moved by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young this morning, calling for the Australian Government to urge the Indonesian Government to allow the International Red Cross into West Papua, was supported by the Senate.

“It is of great concern to the Greens that the International Red Cross cannot fully access West Papua,” said Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson for Human Rights.

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Asia-Pacific community initiative


Senator LUDLAM-Briefly, could I come back to the conference that Senator Coonan touched on, the conference on the future of the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship that was held in Sydney earlier this year. I should just check-Mr Woolcott, were you at that conference?

Mr Woolcott-Yes, I was.

Senator LUDLAM-Can you tell us, if you have the information at hand, how much public funds were spent organising and holding the conference in total?

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Howard should insist Jakarta halt Papuan rape and murder

Prime Minister John Howard should insist that Jakarta intervene to halt the reported rape and murder of Papuans in West Papua by military forces, Greens Leader bob Brown said today.
"Human Rights Watch has reported a culture of opportunistic brutality and military impunity and cites cases of deaths, including children, as a result of military action against Papuan communities suspected of harbouring rebels," Senator Brown said.

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