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Greens to double Perth tree canopy by 2040

Scott Ludlam 16 May 2016

Perth's tree canopy will double across the city by 2040 with every resident living within five minutes of a greenway under the Greens Urban Forest plan announced today.

Originally covered by about 284,000 hectares of native vegetation, it is estimated 75 per cent of Perth's original bushland and 80 per cent of our original wetlands have been lost.

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Urban canopies plan is yet another Turnbull band-aid on an Abbott severed limb

Scott Ludlam 19 Jan 2016

The urban canopies proposal is yet another token Turnbull gesture attempting to disguise the massive damage done in recent Liberal budgets, the Australian Greens said today.

"This is a government that wants to fund roads that cut through huge stretches of existing urban greenways, and offset it with some token tree-plantings," Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Sustainable Cities Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

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The future of Australia’s cities – Green or grim?

Greens spokesperson on sustainable cities Senator Scott Ludlam said the National Sustainability Council's report released today "drives home the need for new thinking on urban planning to deal with growing populations, pollution, congestion, and housing affordability".

"Bad urban planning has turned up bad results. People are struggling to find affordable places to live and are spending more time and money getting to and from work. Poor planning costs the economy and the environment.

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Greens back call for sweeping urban planning reform

The Greens have congratulated a new alliance of peak bodies for taking the initiative with proposals for sweeping urban planning reforms.

"A New Deal for Urban Australia - released today by The Urban Coalition - sets out a vision for fixing Australia's cities and major towns, and is a stinging rebuke to Tony Abbott's destructive stance on urban policy," said Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities Senator Scott Ludlam.

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Environment and Communications Committee Estimates hearing - Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities Outcome 2 - Sustainable Communities.

Scott Ludlam 4 Apr 2012


Environment and Communications Committee

Monday 13 Feb 2012

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Outcome 2 - Sustainable Communities. Program 2.3 Sustainable Communities


Topics covered:

  • Sustainable Jobs Program
  • Biodiversity Indicators project


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