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Govt in spotlight over massive job cuts at Sydney Uni

Lee Rhiannon 22 Nov 2011

Reports that 150 academics and 190 general staff jobs at Sydney Uni will be axed is a serious blow for student learning, directly linked to government underfunding of universities, said Greens Senator for NSW and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon

Senator Rhiannon will give notice of a motion in the Senate today calling for the government to immediately increase public funding by 10 percent for government supported university students, as recommended by the Bradley Review. 

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Greens add climate change, animal welfare to Senate inquiry into higher education in agricultural sector

Lee Rhiannon 19 Sep 2011

The Australian Greens today expanded the terms of reference for a Senate inquiry into higher education and skills in agriculture to include research into climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture, and ways to incorporate animal welfare principles into agricultural education.

"The Greens welcome the Senate Inquiry moved by Liberal Senator Chris Back and we are pleased that climate change adaptation and animal welfare will also be considered as part of this inquiry", said Greens Senator and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

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Student housing shortage reflected in Sydney University squatter standoff

Lee Rhiannon 16 Sep 2011

Greens Senator and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon says the NSW Police have overacted to the presence of squatters at Sydney University.

“The NSW Police riot squad along with emergency, fire and other services have rushed to Sydney University to deal with squatters who have been occupying a disused building for the last three months. This is huge over reaction,” Senator Rhiannon said

“These people are legitimately highlighting the housing crisis faced by students and others on low incomes living in Sydney.

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Greens win reforms for youth allowance recipients in regional Australia


The Australian Greens have welcomed changes to the youth allowance scheme, saying they will now lead to all students in regional areas being on an equal footing with one another.


"These reforms, which follow a review negotiated by the Greens, have removed the discrimination faced by students living in parts of the country who needed the independent rate of youth allowance for their studies," Greens' spokesperson for youth affairs, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said today.


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Greens welcome govt’s support for Libyan students


The Australian Greens have today welcomed the federal government's financial assistance to Libyan students and their dependents who are undertaking courses in Australia.


"We are very pleased the Commonwealth has moved to help end the financial limbo faced by 650 students and their dependents following international sanctions against Libya," Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.


"The money is timely and will go a long way to easing the anxiety these future leaders of Libya and their families are experiencing.


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