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Refugee Language Program should not be axed in Sydney Uni cost-cutting frenzy

Lee Rhiannon 9 Feb 2012

Australian Greens Senator and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon today called on Sydney University’s Vice Chancellor to give a public commitment to find funds to retain the Refugee Language Program (SMH, 9/2/12,                   

“Sydney University Vice Chancellor Michael Spence will do enormous damage to the reputation of Sydney University if he oversees the closure of the Refugee Language Program and does not find the meagre $42,000 it requires annually,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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Review puts spotlight on securing increased public funding for universities

Lee Rhiannon 8 Dec 2011

Following the release of the Lomax-Smith review into base funding of higher education, the Australian Greens have renewed their call for a 10 per cent increase in public funding for higher education to secure the future of university education in Australia, said Greens Senator and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.

"The review undertaken for the federal government presents an opportunity to reverse the recent increases in class sizes, to boost teaching salaries and give greater support to students," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Greens to fight higher ed cuts

Lee Rhiannon 30 Nov 2011

Dipping into higher education funds to keep a budget surplus promise is short-sighted and will only harm Australia’s long-term productivity, said Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon in response to moves by Treasurer Wayne Swan to find $640 in savings from higher education programs.

“Labor promised an education revolution and this blow to tertiary students really is revolting”, said Senator Rhiannon.

“The Greens are calling for a 10 per cent rise in federal support per university student to stop job losses and safeguard teaching quality, as recommended by the Bradley Review.

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Doubling uni fees bad for science: Bandt

Greens MP and spokesperson for innovation, industry, science and research Adam Bandt has criticised the government's announcement of a near doubling in HECS fees for maths and science students in today's mid-year mini budget.

"Almost doubling university HECS fees for maths and science students is economic stupidity. How can science and maths be a national priority two years ago and now not be?," Mr Bandt said.

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Bob Brown outlines the Greens' economically responsible budget options - press conference 29-11-11


Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown responds to the Gillard Government's budget update and outlines the Greens' more responsible approach. Speaking to reporters in Canberra, Senator Brown also answered questions about the Gold Pass, the Murray Darling Basin plan and immigration.

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Labor denies university staff cut crisis: votes against funding increase

Lee Rhiannon 23 Nov 2011

The major parties have shown themselves to be disinterested in stemming university staff cuts by voting down a Greens motion that calls for an increase in public funding by 10 percent for government supported university students, said Greens Senator for NSW and higher education spokesperson Lee Rhiannon (motion below).

“The government is turning its back on university staff and students. Without extra funding there is a strong risk that the quality of teaching will suffer,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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