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Motion on seismic testing near Kangaroo Island

I move that the Senate:

1.    notes Bight Petroleum's referral of a proposed action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Reference Number: 2012/6583);

2.    recognises the high likelihood of the proposed seismic survey encountering, and having an adverse impact on:

2.1.    blue whales if undertaken between November and April;

2.2.    southern right whales if undertaken between May and October; and

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Greens only party standing up for Kangaroo Island community

The Australian Greens yesterday were the only party to vote in favour of recognising the ecological, economic and social importance of the Kangaroo Island Canyons and Pool to the Kangaroo Island community and South Australian community as a whole.

Earlier this month, Bight Petroleum applied for approval under national environmental laws to begin exploring for oil and gas in Commonwealth waters to the west of Kangaroo Island between January and May next year. The company intends to start drilling in 2014.

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