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Greens: Action to stop cheap cigarette imports

Rachel Siewert 20 Jul 2010

The Australian Greens today said they would move amendments to set a floor price on cigarettes to stop Coles and any other retailers flooding the Australian markets with cheap and harmful products.

"Coles' action in bringing in cheaper cigarettes is irresponsible," said Senator Siewert, Australian Green health spokesperson today.

"The cigarette tax was increased in an effort to reduce the terrible health toll that smoking has in Australia. Importing cheaper cigarettes into Australia undermines the impact of these public health measures"

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Greens back tobacco tax hike and plain packaging

Rachel Siewert 29 Apr 2010

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Federal Government's decision to increase the tax on tobacco products by 25% and introduce plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco products, describing it as important preventative health measures.

"This is a very positive step for the Government to take," Australian Greens health spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

"We support both the packaging changes and also the increase to taxes on cigarette and tobacco products."

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Any Tobacco Tax Increase Must be Spent on Health Measures

Rachel Siewert 6 Jul 2009

The Australian Greens said today more needed to be done to tackle smoking particularly for young people, lower income groups and Aboriginal people.

"The Greens would be likely to support a significant increase in the price of cigarettes if funds raised by the increase were spent on prevention measures" said Senator Rachel Siewert, the Greens health spokesperson.

"We know price is the single most effective measure to address smoking, followed by well-run, well-funded, sustained public education programs.

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