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Tobacco taxation in Australia

I was able to hear the first part of Senator Leyonhjelm's speech, which was more of a pitch for tobacco donations to help fund his re-election campaign than it was based on evidence or fact. Senator Leyonhjelm is, clearly, somebody who benefits substantially from those huge donations from the tobacco industry.

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Bob Brown and Richard Di Natale Press Conference - March 16, 2012

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown spoke to the media today about the appointment of David Gonski to Chairman of the Future Fund. Greens Health spokesperson Senator Richard Di Natale spoke about the need to move the Future Fund away from investing in Tobacco.

Bob also spoke about the need to take notice of President Hamid Karzai's comments about the recent incidents in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Bob Carr's comments about the Papua New Guinea election, and the mining tax legislation that is before the Senate.


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PM must not trade away our health, our creative voice and our farmers

The Prime Minister must not trade away vital health and social policies in her enthusiasm to cooperate with the US government in Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement talks underway in Hawaii, the Australian Greens said today.

"The United States, which is driving this agenda, is coming back to get what it didn't succeed in getting through the US-Australia free trade agreement," Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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Senator Bob Brown doorstop - 15-6-2011

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown was interviewed this morning, where he welcomed Australians, including Dame Murdoch, speaking out in favour of pricing pollution. He also spoke about the eBay bidding for "Breakfast with Bob" ahead of tonight’s MidWinter Ball at Parliament House, the latest Newspoll, Greens legislation to prevent the export of live animals for slaughter and the need to process animals in Australia, and across-the-board support for plain-packaging for cigarettes.

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Big Tobacco dealt a blow as plain packaging moves closer

Rachel Siewert 31 May 2011

The Australian Greens welcomed the news today, World No Tobacco Day, that the Coalition will not oppose plain packaging legislation.

Australian Greens health spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert says the Coalition should now belatedly stop the practice of accepting political donations from Big Tobacco.

"The Coalition have finally seen the light on plain packaging, so now would be the perfect time for them to quit the habit of accepting donations from Big Tobacco.

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Greens encourage floor-crossing on plain packaging

Rachel Siewert 24 May 2011

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has called for more Coalition MPs to voice their support for plain cigarette packaging.

“A strong political and legislative stance is needed, and it is good that some members of the Coalition appear to be taking that approach, rather than following the non-committal path taken by Tony Abbott,” Senator Siewert said today.

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Greens call for tobacco floor price

Rachel Siewert 17 May 2011

Australian Greens health spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert speaks to ABC Canberra's Drive program about a floor price on tobacco and the industry's ongoing campaign against preventitive health measures.

Audio is Copyright of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Greens call for a floor price on tobacco in response to Big Tobacco’s threats

Rachel Siewert 17 May 2011

The Australian Greens will push for a floor price on cigarettes amid tobacco industry threats to slash prices if the government’s legislation for plain packaging is introduced. The funds raised should go to cancer research, Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“The tobacco industry is fighting for its life, but not the health of Australian, with plans to flood the market with cheap tobacco,” Senator Siewert said in Canberra.

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