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Pulp Mill Motion 10 September 2007

Motion by Senator Brown: That the Senate- (a) calls on the Government to ensure that, in the spirit of the open market, no subsidies, payments or escape of taxes or payments be given to the Gunns Limited's proposed pulp mill in Tasmania; and (b) prefers that if taxpayer support for business is available it go to non-polluting, clean, green and environmentally-sustainable business. For Senate division results, see attached pdf. Only the Greens supported this motion.

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Circular Head Greens meeting well attended

More than 50 people attended a meeting at Stanley Town Hall last night to hear national Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown talk about issues of the day affecting Tasmania, the nation and the world.
Senator Brown called for World Heritage listing of the Tarkine rainforest and wilderness region, saying that the long term job and income prospects from world attention on the Tarkine will be of much greater benefit than continued logging to export it as woodchips to Japan.
Senator Brown said a proposed 'tourist' road should be kept log truck free.

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World Heritage For Tarkine?

Greens Leader Bob Brown says federal environment minister Ian Campbell should announce World Heritage nomination for the Tarkine wilderness when he visits the area tomorrow.
The World Heritage Convention requires signatories, like Australia, to protect prospective sites until they are fully assessed.  "The Tarkine will doubtlessly qualify as an extension of the existing Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area," Senator Brown said.

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Tarkine: Senate move for World Heritage study

National Greens Leader Bob Brown will move in the Senate tomorrow that:
"The Senate calls on the Government to assess Tasmania's Tarkine wilderness with a view to nomination for listing for its World Heritage values, including those related to its:
a)     Aboriginal values
b)     non-Aboriginal values
c)      natural, forest and wildlife values
d)     wilderness values; and
e)      geological values
"The Tarkine has enormous potential to attract the world to northwest Tasmania," Senator Brown said.

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