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"Supertrawler" Fact Sheet

“Supertrawler” fact sheet
[Download the PDF version below]

Stakeholders across Australia have demanded legislated, transparent, and effective safeguards we can all see and trust to protect our fisheries and ecosystems, now and into the future. Their concerns about the “supertrawler” FV Abel Tasman (formerly Margiris), are reasonable and valid.

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Greens Urge Minister Burke to Remain Strong on Super‐Trawler


The Australian Greens have called on Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to publicly reject Seafish Tasmania’s revised fishery plan for the super-trawler, the F.V. Margiris.


“Minister Burke made some very strong statements on the inadequacies around the system setting the quota, and scientific issues such as localised depletion – essentially reflecting the advice I received months ago,” Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated.


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Greens reiterate need for super trawler ban


The Australian Greens have reiterated calls for a ban on super trawlers in Australian waters.

“We welcome the Government’s decision to finally act on the concerns I have been raising for some time around this issue,” Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said today.

“However, successive Governments have been working for seven years to bring this vessel here.

“What we see here is the Fisheries Minister congratulating himself for cleaning up a mess his own department created.

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Tasmanian Labor Sinks Without Trace in Super Trawler Debate

Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated it was disappointing  the Labor Party hadn't supported his disallowance motion to stop the F.V. Margiris earlier today.

"They continue to talk about stopping this industrial trawler but when they are actually afforded an opportunity to do something they just sit on their hands."

"It is very clear the arrival of this boat is deeply un-popular in Australia and its likely public anger and opposition to this trawler operating in our fisheries will continue to build."

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Burke fails on Super trawler - Labor and Liberal must support Australian Greens motion in Senate to halt the FV Margiris

Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has today called on his fellow Tasmanian Labor and Liberal colleges to support his motion to stop the super trawler F.V. Margiris due to unassessed risks on local depletion of fish stocks.”
“If Minister Tony Burke hasn’t got the spine to stand up for the marine environment, and to take on the Dutch Super trawler to stop it from operating in Australian waters, then the parliament must take direct action,” stated Senator Whish-Wilson earlier today.

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Tasmanian Greens State Conference Doorstop

Christine Milne 25 Aug 2012


Subjects: National Commission against Corruption, Tasmanian Greens State Conference, Tarkine, supertrawler, environmental protection, Tony Abbott, Tasmanian Liberals State Conference

JOURNALIST: The anti-corruption watchdog you're pushing for, how much power would you like to see such a body have?

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