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Support grows for a Sri Lanka war crimes tribunal

Lee Rhiannon 2 Aug 2011

Blog post by Senator Lee Rhiannon

On Saturday I joined members of the Sydney Tamil community and their supporters at their annual Black July vigil.

This moving event takes its name from the July 23 massacre of possibly 3000 Tamils in Colombo. The year was 1983 and Sri Lankan Government backers initiated riots and killings.

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Will the Australian Government finally raise its voice for the Tamil people?

Standing among the 1000 plus Australian Tamils at Martin Place last week (18th May) to remember the Tamils massacred in the 2009 war in Sri Lanka, it was very obvious that the trauma for the community is still so deeply devastating. 

What has become clear to me is that the Australian Government's silence during and since the 2009 war adds to the pain the community is enduring. 

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