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Greens will intervene in Lib-Nat spat and nominate for Senate President role

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Government on a hiding to nothing with its IR agenda: Greens

Greens Member for Melbourne and industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the government is on a hiding to nothing after the Senate’s rejection of two key parts of its industrial relations agenda yesterday. The Senate voted down the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014 for a second time and the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013.

“The Senate is standing up for democracy and saying we won’t have separate penalties for unions and fewer rights for people who work in the construction industry,” Mr Bandt said.

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Statement from Senator Milne on the death of Harry Evans

On behalf of all Australian Greens Senators who had the pleasure of working with Harry Evans during his time as Clerk of the Senate, I wish to express my sincere condolences to his family.

Harry was a fierce defender of the Senate. He was an outstanding advocate for democracy and democratic principles, and with a keen understanding of constitutional history he was not afraid to call out the excesses of executive power.

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Senate backs Greens motion to secure ARENA

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne has today welcomed the Senate's agreement that members must be reappointed to the board of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

"After Clive Palmer excluded ARENA from his announcement, the Greens have worked with other crossbenchers to secure both the funding and the future of the organisation," said Senator Milne.

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PM Abbott exposes government incompetence

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Australian people have seen today how the Abbott government will crash in its attempts to manipulate the Senate on carbon pricing and its destructive budget.

"The only thing that is clear today is that the Prime Minister has failed. This is government by incompetence. Deals in back rooms designed to stitch up the Senate have come unstuck. Tony Abbott is a crash or crash through Prime Minister, and today he crashed," said Senator Milne.

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PM must end budget secrecy

Scott Ludlam 11 Mar 2014

The Australian Greens say Tony Abbott must come clean about his cruel cuts before voters go to the polls in elections around the country.

"How can we trust a Prime Minister who deliberately withholds information before an election?" asked Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne.

"Tony Abbott is deliberately hiding his true agenda for cruel cuts. He is being mean, tricky and secretive.

"It's completely obvious the PM is holding out until after the upcoming elections in an attempt to pull the wool over voters' eyes.

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WA crucial to protecting RET and independent advice on global warming

The Australian Government will continue to receive independent advice on climate policy and the RET, now the Greens in the Senate have blocked the abolition of the independent Climate Change Authority.

"It's ridiculous that Tony Abbott is blocking action on global warming, and undermining renewable energy, by rejecting the experts who can tell him how to maximise opportunities," said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

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Senate Estimates: Finance and Public Administration Committee (AEC)

Lee Rhiannon 2 Dec 2013

Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee
Australian Electoral Commission

Senator RHIANNON: There were more candidates and parties in this election. Does that mean that your staff were busier compared with previous elections in most aspects of their work, in addition to counting ballot papers? If your staff were busier, did you have adequate resources to manage this additional workload?

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Greens to drive electoral reform in first week of parliament

The Australian Greens have today announced that they will move quickly to drive electoral reform in the new parliament by referring the matter of optional preferential voting in the Senate to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters.

The Terms of Reference ask the Committee to specifically consider the matter of optional preferential voting in the Senate, which would see an end to preference deals and let voters decide where their vote goes.

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Don’t count the new Senate until it has hatched - Greens

Responding to reports that Tony Abbott may have the support of minor parties to repeal the price on pollution and mining tax, Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said:

"When it comes to the new Senate, Tony Abbott shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch.

"It's not going to be easy as he thinks. With the Senate not even finalised, he's going to be dealing with an unsteady, unstable and unreliable mix.

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