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Reprieve for refugees as Govt. heeds Greens concerns

The announcement of a review mechanism for adverse ASIO assessments is the first step to closing a legal black hole that has swallowed up almost 60 refugees in previous years, the Australian Greens said.

 “The Greens called for this and finally the Government has acted,” Greens spokesperson for immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

 “The review mechanism will give almost 60 refugees, including families with vulnerable children, the right to challenge their adverse security assessments.

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ASIO legal black hole could be closed

The Greens will introduce a bill into the Senate today that would finally see the removal of a legal loophole that has meant refugees could be detained in Australia forever. (Full bill available here)

 “My bill would fix a legal black hole that has dumped 60 people into a system of indefinite detention which could last for the rest of their lives,” Greens spokesperson for immigration, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Senate supports Greens’ call for information on Nauru

The senate has backed a Greens motion, calling on the government to release documents detailing the contractual obligations of companies trusted to operate the detention centre on Nauru.


“This is a crucial step towards the clear and open operation of detention facilities on Nauru,” Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said after moving the motion today.


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Government won’t say to Australian public or Nauru government what force will be used to deport refugees

Amidst reports that the first plane load of refugees will leave for Nauru later today, the Government has refused to explain its use of force protocols for executing the transfers and appears to have disregarded the Nauru government's specific condition that force not be used against refugees.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young requested information about use of force in the Senate question time today from Minister Lundy.

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A sorry day for human rights and compassion as Parliament approves indefinite detention

The Australian Greens today condemned the passing of the Nauru designation instrument as the Government and Coalition voted down Greens amendments that would have limited the harm caused to refugees by the Gillard government's new Pacific ‘Solution'.

"Labor and the Coalition have given the green light to dump children, unaccompanied minors and pregnant women in prison camps on Nauru indefinitely with no protections, against the expert advice of humanitarian organisations including the UN" said Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

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Government’s dumping of refugees will cost lives

The Greens predict a mental health crisis and a return to the horrors of the Pacific Solution as the Government's designation for Nauru contains no protections or welfare standards.

"It is a sad day when we see the Labor Party moving to dump vulnerable refugees, including children, on an island prison with no time limit on their detention or proper safeguards to care for them.

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First, do no harm: Greens move to establish Expert Health Care Panel for refugees in offshore detention

The Australian Greens today announced that they will introduce a bill in the Senate to establish an independent panel of expert physicians to oversee the health and mental health of asylum seekers and refugees in indefinite offshore detention.

"The Expert Health Care Panel proposed by the Greens will add some humanity to an otherwise inhumane policy" said Greens' immigration spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

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