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Libs defy Howard on pulp mill

The Senate Liberals, led by Tasmanian Minister for Forests, Eric Abetz, have crossed the floor to join Labor and vote down a Greens motion backing Prime Minister Howard's written commitment on Gunns pulp mill.
Mr Howard, on September 1, issued this press release:
Tasmanian Pulp Mill
Some news reports today have suggested that I support, unconditionally, the construction of a pulp mill in Tasmania.

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Challenge to Labor as Greens launch star candidate in Kingsford-Smith

The first real test of Rudd Labor may come before this year's election if the team of scientists assessing Gunns' pulp mill gives it the expected bad report, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"If Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull gives the mill the thumbs down, Peter Garrett can hardly say "don't expect me to decide until after the election"," Senator Brown said.

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Speech on climate change and the pulp mill

Senator Milne's motion points to the important and serious role that the Greens take, and have taken over the last decade and more, in trying to bring to the attention and the notice of government and this parliament the incredible impact that climate change is going to have on every Australian's life over the coming centuries.... ...Gunns pulp mill which will have a forest furnace attached to it, which will burn 500,000 tonnes of forest wood per annum, next to a pulp mill which at the outset is going to have 80 per cent of its resource stock of native forests.

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Pulp mill will cost clean, green jobs

THE Australian Greens, Prime Minister John Howard, Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon and federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd all agree that Gunns' proposed pulp mill must meet "world's best practice" environmental standards.

Lennon says: "A world-class pulp mill that meets tough environmental standards will make (the Tasmanian) economy much stronger."

Federal Labor's environment spokesman Peter Garrett says he supports a "world-class, best environment standards pulp mill".

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Pulp Mill Motion 10 September 2007

Motion by Senator Brown: That the Senate- (a) calls on the Government to ensure that, in the spirit of the open market, no subsidies, payments or escape of taxes or payments be given to the Gunns Limited's proposed pulp mill in Tasmania; and (b) prefers that if taxpayer support for business is available it go to non-polluting, clean, green and environmentally-sustainable business. For Senate division results, see attached pdf. Only the Greens supported this motion.

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APEC Aspirational Sydney declaration "Hot Air" - Brown

Greens Leader Bob Brown says the Sydney Declaration with its move to 'understanding' 'aspirational goals' on climate change is more hot air than action.
"The stated goal of reforesting 20 million hectares cannot accommodate the Howard Governments' $100 million funding to accelerate logging in Tasmania.  'The Gunns pulp mill will clobber 200,000 hectares of native forests alone.  Neither Howard nor Rudd can be genuine about the Sydney Declaration and also back Gunns pulp mill.

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Garrett ducking pulp mill climate change issue – Brown

Greens Leader Bob Brown says Labor's shadow Environment Minister Peter Garrett's backdown on doing a greenhouse gas assessment of Gunns' proposed pulp mill is ducking for cover.
"This is the Labor hierarchy gagging Peter," Senator Brown said.
"He could, as Minister, order any matter to be considered in assessing the mill.  Gunns' proposed mill and forest furnace will produce 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per annum – that's massive.  Labor doesn't need to get new laws to assess the mill's pollution; it needs to get a backbone," Senator Brown said.

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TFGA's mill support 'dangerous' for farmers – Brown

The Tasmanian Farmers and Growers Association is undermining its members' futures by backing Gunns' proposed pulp mill, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"The pulp mill will worsen climate change. It would be a huge net producer of greenhouse gases and an added hit on drought-wielding climate change, which is the biggest single threat to rural Tasmanian's prosperity," Senator Brown said.

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