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Some questions for Peter Garrett from the Greens

To the aspiring Minister for the Environment, after your backing for Gunns polluting pulp mill:
1.         Do the 200,000 hectares of wild forests to be destroyed no longer matter?
2.         Does the Australian Medical Association's opposition to the mill because of fears for human health in the Tamar Valley not matter either?
3.         Will the 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gases which this mill will pump into the atmosphere not make climate change worse?

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Turnbull fails "world's best practice" – conditions applied to sewage outfall but not forest abattoir

Both Environment Minister Turnbull and Chief Scientist Peacock are cheating to claim 'world's best practice' for Gunns pulp mill when zero study or conditions have been applied to the impact on the Tamar Valley vineyards, the forests and wildlife or the atmosphere, which will receive 10 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

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Poll vindicates Greens' strong pulp mill stand

Today's Marketmetrics Research opinion poll showing the Greens' vote in Bass has doubled to 18 per cent, indicates votes draining from both Labor and the Coalition to the Greens as the unpopularity of the Gunns' pulp mill proposal bites, Greens leader Bob Brown said today.
The poll also shows a jump in the Greens' vote to 9 per cent in Braddon.

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Pulp mill: Precautionary principle is law - Greens

"It is outrageous if Gunns knows what's in this report but not other stakeholders" - Brown
Gunns has itself to blame for failing, over the last 4 years, to do Bass Strait studies essential to working out where its toxic pulp mill effluent will spread, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"It is outrageous if the Minister has discussed the contents of the Chief Scientist's report with Gunns but not the community stakeholders like the vineyards, organic farms, tourist outlets and fishing industry in the Tamar Valley," Greens Leader Bob Brown said.

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Howard shepherding Gay's pulp mill – Brown

In a breakdown of proper political process Prime Minister Howard is insisting Cabinet approve Gunns proposed pulp mill in Tasmania despite growing scientific evidence against it, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
"Howard has a cosy relationship with Gunns' supremo John Gay. The two consulted closely before the ambush on Mark Latham in 2004. However, Howard has no similar contact with the Tasmanian winegrowers, fisheries, farmers, and tourist operators facing the $3 billion negative impact if Gay's pulp mill goes ahead in the Tamar Valley," Senator Brown said.

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