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Guide to the curriculum review

Penny Wright 10 Mar 2014

As the Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools, I am very concerned submissions to the review are not being made public, as originally promised.

Given the high level of interest in the Abbott Government's announced review of the curriculum and concerns about the independence and qualifications of the selected review panel, I feel it is vital this review is conducted with as much transparency as possible.

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Christopher Pyne’s divide and conquer plan for public schools revealed

Penny Wright 27 Feb 2014

The Abbott Government's independent public schools system will create a hodgepodge of different schooling systems all around the country, Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright said today.

Questions asked by Senator Wright in estimates hearings last night revealed each state and territory will be able to decide their own application criteria for independent public schools and develop their own levels of autonomy.

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Rushed and politicised curriculum review will cost $300k

Penny Wright 26 Feb 2014

The Abbott Government will spend $300,000 in rushing a review of the national curriculum before implementation is complete, paying reviewers Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire $429 each per day.

Questions asked by Australian Greens spokesperson for Schools Senator Wright in estimates hearings today revealed the full costs of the review.

"This review is nothing more than an ideological exercise by the Minister based on his own paranoia about a "left wing bias" in schools," Senator Wright said.

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