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Poll backs Greens call on skilled jobs

Bob Brown 14 Apr 2010

Today's Australian National University poll shows public sympathy for
Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown's call to slow down the rate of
skilled migration, with more training of workers here in Australia to
meet demand from business and industry.

"Australia should be investing in training its own skilled workers and
exporting more to other countries. It is not fair for us to be taking
skilled workers from poorer countries. Skilled workers help raise
standards of living and so lower population growth in their own
countries," Senator Brown said.

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Population Minister cannot wait until after election for action

Bob Brown 3 Apr 2010

The Prime Minister's appointment of a new Population Minister to investigate population strategy must be matched by action said Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown.

"After so many years of government failure on this issue I welcome the Prime Minister's move to take up Australian Greens' call for a comprehensive national investigation into population strategy," said Senator Brown.

"But the announcement today means any action to address urgent population issues will now be put off until after the federal election, at the earliest.

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Set population at infrastructure, environment capacity through National Inquiry

Bob Brown 15 Mar 2010

On Monday the Greens will move a motion calling on the Government to establish an independent National Inquiry into Australia's Population to 2050.

"Australia's population should be determined by the capacity of our environment and our infrastructure," said Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown."Australia cannot support an increase in population to 35 million by 2050.

"Immigration should not be stopped.

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Mr Rudd – When do we stop?

Bob Brown 18 Sep 2009

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says Prime Minister Rudd should explain what the end effect of population growth to affect economic prosperity will be.

"No world leader can ignore the planet's population burden. There were 3 billion people when Kevin Rudd was born. There are 6.8 billion now. There will be 9 billion by mid-century. This population boom is not economic wisdom, it is a recipe for planetary exhaustion and great human tragedy."

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G20 - For greed or generosity?

The G20 meeting will be more about human greed than generosity, Greens leader Bob Brown told the 'Make Poverty History' at Melbourne Town Hall this morning.  
Senator Brown said that Australian Treasurer Peter Costello's nominations of oil prices, rather than global poverty, as a prime topic for G20 is ominous.
"This G20 forum should be about good global governance, generosity and giving rather than greed and gluttony," Senator Brown said, noting that only 2 of the 40 G20 delegates are women.

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Nobel Peace Prize hailed - federal government urged to do more for microcredit

Greens Leader Bob Brown has hailed Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus' Nobel Peace Prize, saying "The prize is also recognition that peace is undermined by poverty. It is up to us all to work to close the yawning gap between the gluttonous rich and desperately poor people in our global community."
Senator Brown called on the Federal Government to recognize Muhammad Yunus' Peace Prize by doubling Australia's meagre contribution to microcredit to$15 million per annum. The global target is to triple to 175 million the number of people receiving microcredit by 2015.

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