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Speech: Matter of Public Importance - Abortion rights

Mehreen Faruqi 17 Sep 2018

It is absolutely shameful that in my home state of New South Wales and in the state of Queensland abortion still sits in the Crimes Act. As a woman, as a mother of a young woman, and as someone who has campaigned for years to decriminalise abortion in New South Wales, I cannot and I will not accept this situation. Mr President, the existence of these laws actually exposes the misogyny and the influence of the religious far Right on our politics. Neither my religion nor yours should be allowed to deny women their rights and choices. You cannot impose your beliefs on others.

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Bondi Pavilion

Lee Rhiannon 14 Sep 2016

Bondi Pavilion is one of the nation's jewels. Recognised in 2008 by the Australian government as having 'exceptional' cultural significance, the National Estate listing identified Bondi as 'one of Australia's most treasured places' and 'one of the world's most famous beaches where Australians meet nature's challenge in the surf'. Bondi Pavilion is a central part of the Bondi experience.

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Defence Human Health Assessment report confirms dire straits for Williamtown residents

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon says the recent Human Health Assessment Report released yesterday is more bad news for the Williamtown community. 

“It confirms that existing fishing bans for Fullerton Cove will remain in place, and extends cautionary advice about consumption to home grown fruit, vegetables and meat,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“This report really does confirm some of the worst suspicions that community members have had, about how risky this contamination is, and how they have to curb their consumption to stay safe. 

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Westconnex - another toll road to destruction

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens Victorian Senator Janet Rice have commented on the approval of stage 2 of the Westconnex motorway, announced yesterday by Minister Hunt.  

Senator Rhiannon said, “By every single metric – financial, social, environmental and health-wise – Westconnex is a destructive project and the public are being forced to foot a scandalously high bill to pay for it.

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After 300 days, Payne visits Williamtown to pass the buck

Lee Rhiannon 22 Jun 2016

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens candidate for Paterson John Brown have commented on Defence Minister’s visit to Williamtown yesterday. 

Senator Rhiannon said, “Almost three hundred days after Williamtown residents and workers had their lives turned upside down by the RAAF contamination crisis, Minister Payne decided to front up to them at Williamtown. 

“It is very hard not to see this as a cynical box-ticking exercise eleven days out from the election. 

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Greens electric car plan – jobs boost for Riverina

The Greens Riverina candidate and Greens NSW Senator Lee said the Greens national electric car plan will bring great benefits to people in the Riverina, particularly in terms of local jobs growth.

Under the recently announced Greens plan to build pollution free transport future, New South Wales would have over nine thousand electric vehicles in the state by 2021. 

According to the Greens plan for electric vehicles, NSW would have 9, 269 electric vehicles and 100 charging stations. 

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Turnbull rules for rich - $6 b ripped out education, health; $12b tax breaks for business

Lee Rhiannon 4 May 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first budget that will drive increasing inequality with its tax breaks for the very wealthy is a reminder why this budget should be the last for this Liberal-National government, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 

“This is a cruel budget that rips $6b out of education, health, welfare and the public sector while handing over $12b in tax cuts and tax breaks for companies and the very wealthy,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“This budget is a huge setback for the people of NSW. 

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Nuclear waste arrival from France drives concerns about NSW dump site

Lee Rhiannon 7 Dec 2015

At the weekend twenty five tonnes of nuclear waste arrived at Port Kembla from France on a ship blacklisted by US authorities. Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon says the delivery is worrying news, particularly for residents at Hill End, near Bathurst, an area shortlisted by the federal government as a dumping site for nuclear waste. 

‘Yesterday twenty five tonnes of nuclear waste, classified as ‘high-level’ by French authorities, arrived on our shores at Port Kembla,’ Senator Rhiannon said. 

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Greens back blockade BP petrol station, support Australian coastal shipping

Lee Rhiannon 5 May 2015

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon today joined a 100 strong women only blockade of a Botany BP petrol station in eastern Sydney.

The protest, organised by Women in Male Dominated Occupation Industries, targeted BP's decision to replace Australian coastal trade tanker British Loyalty with cheaper overseas shipping. British Loyalty is one of only three remaining tankers on our coastline crewed by Australian workers.

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Coalition follows Macdonald tactics on how to deliver for mining companies

Lee Rhiannon 30 Jul 2013

How ironic that on the eve of the ICAC findings into possibly the biggest corruption case in NSW politics the O’Farrell government announces a plan to change the rules in favour of mining companies. 

The latest proposed law change “to promote the development of significant mineral resources” would be toasted in the board rooms of Rio Tinto, the world’s fourth-largest publicly listed mining company. 

As we saw in the 16 year reign of the last NSW Labor government the financial muscle of the mining industry has many friends on Macquarie Street. 

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