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National Party will kill the River Murray

National Party Minister David Littleproud has claimed the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is dead, again proving the Morrison-Joyce Government will kill Australia's biggest river system.

The National Party recklessly took water buybacks off the table in 2020, despite the scheme being crucial to restoring water flows to the river and delivering 450GL promised to South Australia.  

Labor has declared it is committed to the Plan but not to buybacks, without which, SA will be left high and dry.

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Murray-Darling report gives Morrison ultimatum: crops or coal?

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, says a new report on the impact of global warming on the Murray-Darling makes the fork in the road crystal clear.

“If Scott Morrison doesn’t accept we’re in a climate emergency and start phasing out coal and gas, nothing will save the Murray-Darling,” Bandt said.

“The Prime Minister must choose between crops or coal, because we can’t have both.

“Scott Morrison is failing to protect Australia’s farmers.

“Scott Morrison’s coal-hugging and climate-denial is threatening Australia’s ability to feed itself.

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Regulation bonfire is a smokescreen

The Australian Greens say Tony Abbott is trying to burn up important protections in his so-called regulation bonfire.

"When Tony Abbott has a bonfire of regulations he hides his true agenda in the smoke," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"The Prime Minister's rhetoric on this repeal day is all about storytelling and hiding help for his mates. Many of these changes are routine review of redundant regulations, but there are some very bitter pills.

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Country South Aussies let down by budget

Penny Wright 15 May 2013

The 2013 Labor Budget will do little to ease the stress on country South Australians, say Australian Greens Senators Sarah Hanson Young and Penny Wright.

"Labor has spent more time listening to mining companies, the big banks and their factions than the people in rural and regional communities," Senator Hanson-Young said.

"The Greens stood up for regional South Australia during the Murray Darling Basin debate while our colleagues in the old parties and those upstream tried to sell us down the river.

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Basin Plan, from river’s greatest hope to environmental risk

The current Murray Darling Basin Plan will not save our nation’s most important river system, despite the Government’s spin, the Australian Greens said today.

“The Government have done a dirty deal with the Coalition and now we’re left with a Plan that supports the big irrigators and not the environment,” the Greens’ Murray Darling spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

 “We must be clear, this Plan will not save the river and that is why Barnaby Joyce is so eager to support Tony Burke and his environmentally reckless package.

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Basin Plan too important to get wrong

With the nation’s most important river system on the line, it is crucial that we get the Murray Darling Basin Plan right and therefore more needs to be done to strengthen the environmental protections of the Water Act, the Australian Greens said today.

 “I will be moving to amend the Water Act tomorrow to create the environmental protections that are lacking from the current Basin Plan, and that the river so desperately needs to survive,” the Greens’ Murray Darling spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Basin Plan will lead to river devastation

The Australian Greens will be moving to improve the inadequate Plan that was revealed by Tony Burke today.

 “This is a Plan for big irrigators and not the environment,” the Greens Murray Darling spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“It is disappointing that the Government has decided to do a deal with the Coalition and upstream irrigators rather than taking the opportunity to work with the Greens and save the river from environmental collapse.

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