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Abbott intent on dismantling marine parks

The Australian Greens said today that Tony Abbott is signalling his intention to dismantle Australia's world class network of marine parks if the Coalition wins the election.

"The signs are clear that the Coalition are intent on dismantling our network of marine parks, effectively wiping out 10 years' worth of work," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

"Yet again we see the Coalition actively undermining the science and consultation that has gone into Australia's marine parks.

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World Oceans Day highlights the need to protect Australia’s marine environment

The Australian Greens said that while we celebrate World Ocean Day today we need to remember that a strong, ongoing effort is needed to protect Australia's marine environment from threats such as global warming, oil and gas production, overfishing and pollution.

"In the past year, Australia has implemented a world-leading system of marine parks, which will play an essential role in protecting our oceans and marine life," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

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Greens welcome vote to retain world-leading marine protection

The Australian Greens have welcomed the rejection of a Coalition attempt to dismantle Australia's world-leading system of marine parks.

"The day before World Environment Day, Tony Abbott's Coalition set about trying to wreck our network of marine parks, including aspects of the system that were put in place under John Howard," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

"This typifies the negativity of the Coalition under Tony Abbott and their firm commitment to helping big business, irrespective of the harm it causes to the environment.

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Abbott turns to scare campaign on marine protection


Tony Abbott is using scare tactics to undermine attempts to secure Australia’s marine environments for future generations.

“Marine protection is about long term thinking, something the Coalition can’t appreciate,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

“Caring for our marine environment is not only about protecting the ecosystems but also about protecting the industries and communities that rely on them.

“Years of research and consultation have gone into the bioregional planning process that Mr Abbott now wants to abandon.

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Marine Sanctuaries Speech

Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (16:00): I rise to make a contribution to this debate because I cannot stay silent in the face of the scaremongering and hysteria being peddled by some unscrupulous elements of the fishing sector, fanned by equally unscrupulous and opportunistic claims from some members of the coalition of the Liberal and National parties. The recent announcement by the environment minister of a national network of marine reserves is certainly a substantial and major step forward for marine conservation in Australia and globally.

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