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EMS Rural Exports licence should be refused

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on the federal Minister for Agriculture to refuse permission for the export of up to 60,000 sheep by owners of Emanuel Exports that has had one of its export licenses suspended over investigations into systemic animal cruelty.

“Media reports that an owner of Emanuel Exports is applying to use the license of its sister company EMS Rural Exports to ship up to 60,000 sheep straight into the most dangerous of the northern hemisphere summer months are alarming,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Rhiannon/Hinch introduce Bill to stop Turnbull government donkey live exports plan

Senators Lee Rhiannon and Derryn Hinch are working together to stop the emerging global live export trade in donkeys and horses. The donkeys are slaughtered for their skins, which are boiled into a glutinous glue called Ejiao that is being marketed as a “vitality tonic”.

The Export Control Amendment (Equine Live Export for Slaughter Prohibition) Bill, to be introduced into the Senate tomorrow, if passed would prohibit the live export of horses and donkeys for the purpose of slaughter overseas.

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Live sheep export trade dying – Greens call for government assistance for local processing

The Greens are calling on the Turnbull government to recognise that the live sheep trade is winding down and to immediately provide transition packages to both the farmers who sell sheep to the live export trade and to the local meat processing industry to take up those affected sheep.

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “The government must act on the news that tens of thousands of sheep will not be exported this year due to the actions of two live export companies.

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Senate today debates crossbench bill to end live sheep exports – support growing

A bill to end live sheep exports, co-sponsored by three crossbench Senators, has been introduced for debate in the Senate today. 

The Animal Export Legislation Amendment (Ending Long haul Live Sheep Exports) Bill 2018 is cosponsored by Senators Lee Rhiannon, Derryn Hinch and Tim Storer.

Greens animal welfare and rights spokesperson Senator Rhiannon said, “Our priority in preparing this particular Bill has been to end the shocking cruelty that tens of thousands of sheep must endure when they are exported for overseas slaughter. 

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Live export review a con – Crossbench Senate Bill to proceed: Greens

The Australian Greens today confirmed the crossbench Senate bill to end live sheep exports will proceed on June 18 after the Independent Review of Conditions for the Export of Sheep’s failed to give recommendations that would guarantee that the mass deaths of sheep on live export ships will end.

“Minister David Littleproud effectively set this inquiry up to deliver recommendations that suit the interests of the live export industry,” Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

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Senate plan to transition away from live sheep exports

A pathway to transition away from the live sheep export trade could be in place before the end of the year if Senate crossbenchers can win support for their Private Members Bill.

Senators Lee Rhiannon and Derryn Hinch have given notice of the Animal Export Legislation Amendment (Ending Long-Haul Live Sheep Exports) Bill 2018. They hope it will be debated and voted on during the June Senate sitting.

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