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Humpback Whales

Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia—Australian Greens Whip) (15:37):  I move:
That the Senate—
 (a) notes:
  (i) the humpback whale is listed as a threatened species,
  (ii) human generated habitat degradation is identified as a major threat to humpback whales by the Department of the Environment and Heritage's Humpback Whale Recovery Plan 2005-2010,
  (iii) the plan notes the following forms of possible habitat degradation:
 (a) acoustic pollution, for example, commercial and recreational vessel noise and seismic survey activity,

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James Price Point development risks pristine environment

The Australian Greens have reaffirmed their opposition to the industrialisation of WA's pristine Kimberley coast.

"The Australian Greens do not believe that James Price Point is an appropriate site for this gas factory," Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

"We are concerned by the approach taken by the WA Government, which effectively asks the Traditional Owners to approve the project in exchange for the health, housing and job prospects that they are already entitled to as members of the community.

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WA’s dirtiest gas project seeks to increase pollution

Chevron's announcement that it hopes to expand the Gorgon development on Barrow Island may mean a 25 per cent increase in the project's annual greenhouse emissions, Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam has warned.

"Gorgon was always set to become WA's most greenhouse gas-polluting project and if approved, this planned fourth-train expansion will make Gorgon's annual emissions even higher," Senator Ludlam said.

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Greens vow to fight Ningaloo drilling

The Australian Greens have condemned plans to explore for oil and gas at a depth of over 5km just 50km off WA's world-famous Ningaloo reef and are calling on the Federal Government to reject the proposal.

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens Marine spokesperson says that despite the huge Montara and the Gulf of Mexico oil spills, oil and gas regulations in Australia remain unchanged as the Government continues to grant licences for drilling in important environmental areas.

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Greens secure emergency Burrup Peninsula heritage assessment

The Australian Greens have won agreement from the Federal Government to conduct an emergency heritage assessment of the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia.

"We are pleased that the Government has responded in this way. This is a site of extraordinary environmental and heritage importance," he said.

Senator Ludlam and fellow Greens Senator for Western Australia Rachel Siewert moved a motion in the Senate calling for the emergency assessment, winning the support of the Government and the cross benches.

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Greens support heritage listing to protect the Kimberley from industrialisation - Brown

Greens Leader Bob Brown today welcomed the Australian Heritage Council's recommendation that James Price Point, the proposed site of Woodside's gas factory, be included in a national heritage listing for the West Kimberley.

"Environment Minister Tony Burke has already postponed his decision on the national heritage listing for the West Kimberley until mid-2011, and the council's recommendation should now help him to list the area as one of national heritage significance," Senator Brown said.

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