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ADF pay deal must flow onto public sector: Greens

Tony Abbott’s offer of real pay rises to ADF personnel must be the start of a new approach to public sector bargaining, said Greens’ Employment spokesperson Adam Bandt MP.

“If the government can give real pay rises to ADF personnel, which we welcome, the government can do it in the public service too,” Mr Bandt said.

“The Abbott government has been pushing cuts in real wages and conditions for public servants, resulting in unprecedented levels of industrial action.”

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Tony Abbott must protect Australian shipping and jobs: Greens

Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson on Workplace Relations Adam Bandt MP and Greens spokesperson on Infrastructure Senator Janet Rice today declared their support for the Tandara Spirit workers taking industrial action in Port Philip Bay and called on Tony Abbott to protect Australian shipping and jobs.

“By taking this action, the Tandara workers are not only standing up for their jobs – they are bringing important conversations into the public that the government has been ignoring," said Mr Bandt.

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