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Housing Affordability Fund outcomes

Scott Ludlam 26 Aug 2011

Question No. 720

Senator Ludlam asked the Minister representing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, in writing, on 29 June 2011:
Given that the Housing Affordability Fund (HAF), a 5 year, $450 million Government investment set to end in 2013, was designed ‘to reduce housing-related infrastructure and planning costs, and to pass savings onto new home purchasers':

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West Australians need affordable housing, not high-risk debt

Western Australian Senator Scott Ludlam warned today that a new loan deal enabling first home buyers to borrow with only a three per cent deposit, rather than the usual 20 per cent, would exacerbate debt problems and do little to solve the affordable housing crisis.

Senator Ludlam, the Australian Greens housing spokesperson, said Western Australians need more affordable housing, not risky debt.

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Affordable housing schemes

Scott Ludlam 5 Aug 2011

Senate Community Affairs Committee
2011-12 Budget Estimates Hearings
Question No: 38

Senator Ludlam asked:
By the year 2014 (the end of the NPA on affordable housing), what fraction of the demand for new social housing will be taken up by the different schemes and incentives that governments are providing and what do you expect will be taken up by the private sector?

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NRAS Incentives

Scott Ludlam 15 Jul 2011

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications
SEWPaC portfolio
Question No: 044

Senator Ludlam asked:

Senator LUDLAM: .... I want to go directly to the rounds. In NRAS round 3, I think you called for applications with 1,000-plus incentives. You received 25. Can we have an update? And, maybe to keep this fairly short, can you table a list of successful applicants to round 3?
Ms Finnigan: Applicants? I would have to take that on notice, Senator.
Senator LUDLAM: No. That is what I am asking.
Mr Thompson: Yes. We can do that.

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