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Senate Votes in Favour of Australian Greens Motion for Strong Gun Control

Mehreen Faruqi 28 Nov 2018

Australian Greens Spokesperson for Gun Control and Senator for NSW, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, has welcomed the Senate voting for her motion reaffirming support for the National Firearms Agreement and rejecting tactics of the gun lobby to weaken our gun laws. The Greens motion was supported by Labor, Senator Hinch, Senator Storer and Centre Alliance and opposed by the Government.

Senator Faruqi said:

"Passing this motion is a welcome sign that the Parliament will not give in to the gun lobby which seeks to water down our successful gun control laws in order to sell more guns. 

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Refer gun control at the same time as gangs

"If the Prime Minister is serious about tackling violent crime, then she should get tough on gun control" Australian Greens leader Christine Milne said today while commenting on the Commonwealth referral of powers.

"The Commonwealth referral of powers relating to gangs that the Prime Minister announced today should extend to guns.

"Now is the time for the Prime Minister to seek both the referral of powers relating to gangs and to guns from the states to the Commonwealth.

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Greens call for stronger gun control

'No one has any tolerance for gang land violence and shooting in Australian cities.' Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne said

'The Prime Minister's task force with additional personnel able to work across state borders will be a good step in combatting crime.

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Greens again demand handgun control laws

Bob Brown 18 Jun 2007

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown has expressed shock at today's shootings in Melbourne and condolences for the victims and their families.
"This horrific incident highlights the need for stronger national handgun control laws. The Greens have been campaigning since 1996 to restrict handguns, in particular, semi-automatic handguns capable of causing multiple deaths," Senator Brown said.
"Greens amendments to ban semi-automatic handguns except for police and other legitimate uses have been voted down in the parliament."

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Howard Fails on Gun Control, Water

Bob Brown 6 Dec 2002

Prime Minister Howard's decision to leave 80% of handguns in public circulation has been described as a stunning failure by Greens Senator Bob Brown

"The most dangerous semi-automatic longer barrel guns will now be used to buy deadlier longer barrel guns. This shoots down the PMs reputation for gun control after the Port Arthur massacre," Senator Brown said.

"The failure is endorsed by all the Labor leaders. It seems that another massacre is the price for comprehensive control.

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